Informative profiles help you wow your customers

Your customers' important information is captured in one, easy-to-manage place – everything you want to know is at your fingertips

Online Customer Management Software

Profiles contain customers’ contact information, personal preferences, purchase histories, average days between visits and staff notes from prior visits.

Easily group service recipients

Combine multiple service recipients (family members, pets, vehicles, etc.) in one profile to see all their information together.

Small Business Customer Management System

Reduce data entry busywork

The notes and preferences your customers provide when they book appointments online get automatically added to their personal profiles, saving your staff time.

Customer Management

Flexible profiles to fit your business

Customer profiles are fully customizable to capture the unique information that's important to you.

Management Software

Quickly look up a customer

Easily find the right profile with our intuitive search tool.

Online Customer Management Quick Lookup

Gain insights for success

Store Vantage automatically collects data for you. Discover your most loyal customers, biggest spenders, and more. Simply track your business performance.

Online Management System for Insights

One customer is not like the other - easily find your most valuable customers, overdue customers, new customers and more. We give you the tools you need to nurture your clients. Add water. Grow.

Small Business Management System

Keep tabs on your goals and business performance - revenue, appointments, number of new accounts - through automatic daily emails.

Metrics for small business customer management

Stay on top of your business real-time through the dashboard. Track client loyalty, average reviews, new customers and completed appointments.